His top 3 songs this month are Check Yes or No , Amarillo By Morning and Write this Down . Unlike the selfish mobsters in their gangster fedora hats, cowboys wear their honor on their sleeve. They are the good guys; the protectors of the weak and wretched.

Anyway, I didn’t want it to be some new-type thing—I wanted an original Nashville honky-tonk—so I didn’t hardly fix it up. We just swept it out and hung a bunch of my pictures on the wall with all kinds of memorabilia. And I don’t let them play anything in there but real country music. I came to Nashville because I wanted to make real country music.

The George Strait hat shape has the popular cattleman crease and a pinch that makes it easy to put on and take off from the crown, without handling the brim. When he first got started in country music, Strait’s handlers tried to persuade him to ditch the hat. But he refused, and now it’s part of his look. In fact, he told The New Yorker that cowboy hats have become so much his style that people don’t recognize him when his head is uncovered. This may be a reaction to genre’s biggest star of the past five years, Luke Bryan, who hasn’t worn a traditional cowboy hat since the earliest days of his recording career. Bryan has instead always opted for baseball caps, a fashion item that carries few connotations other than a sense of casualness and youth.

Paisley’s opening act, however, will be a different — and more modern — story. Chris Young made headlines a few years ago when he changed his image, starting with the top of his head. Tim showed up to a movie premiere in February 2017 sans his signature head topper.

Rarely do stars like Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson andZac Brown leave home without their signature head-toppers. You might be surprised to learn that plenty of them sport a pretty nice head of hair, however. For female stars, a cowboy hat has never been an important accessory.

That’s what he did in this picture from 2016, when he attended the 2016 Media Research Center Gala to accept the William F. Buckley Jr. Out of all the styles in this collection, Boot Barn, Cavender and Shepler’s all rank the Resistol Men’s George Strait Black 6X Felt Hat as their top seller. This style is priced at $255 and Boot Barn and Sheplers, and $250 at Cavender’s. The next most popular one is the Resistol Men’s George Strait Hazer Straw Hat, which is priced at $134.99 at Boot Barn and Shelper’s, and $136 at Cavender’s.

Today, Stetson and Resistol cowboy hats are made by Hatco, Inc., which is based in Garland, Texas. They sell around a million cowboy hats a year. But there’s an element of rebellion in the sudden rise of flat-brim hats as well. Lately, a pocket guide to public speaking 5th edition many new country artists are marketed almost entirely on their ability to break free from the shackles of tradition. Pop sounds and R&B beats have quickly inundated the radio, and songwriting has become infected by nonsensical “Ohhh!

It fits perfectly with the on-the-road country life he portrays in many of his songs. Ask anyone to list the top musicians known for always wearing a hat, and Garth Brooks will surely be high on that list. The record-breaking country singer from Oklahoma has built a career around his down-home cowboy image. His style has always reflected his cowboy roots. Finding a male country singer without his hat on feels about as sensational as seeing a woman without her shirt.

The promising young singer Chris Young is a master of those basics. The winner of the fourth season of “Nashville Star,” he’s a traditionalist in an era hostile to them, with a dark, wounded voice. But even he has met a fate similar to Mr. Adkins and others. He’s cowboy-hatless for the first time on the cover of his third album, “Neon” . (He’s wearing it on the back, though.) He also barely wears it in the video for “Tomorrow,” the lovely but overly polished single that advertises only a little of what Mr. Young can do.

Just like his felt toppers, Brooks’s straw hats also feature a rating system based on the “X-factor.” The higher the X-factor, the better the quality. This results in rugged headgear that can stand up to the elements. Brooks does not go with the highest X, preferring to stay in the 7X to 10X range. This hat is inexpensive at under $100 and durable enough to be replaced if damaged. There’s little room for the singer Mr. Young has demonstrated he’d like to be, so here, he’s trying to be something slightly different.