The desires of most tabaxi are bright and burn out quickly, causing them to trade obsessions or passions on a whim. Objects and stories only remain intriguing as long as they retain their secrets. A tabaxi rogue, for example, could spend countless months plotting to steal an unusual gem from a mark, only to trade it for food and lodging to start anew. They may take detailed notes or spend time to memorize its composition, but the stolen goods hold no more appeal once the object’s secrets and nature have been laid bare.

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Below is the list of some names for your better understanding and it would definitely help you to come up with a perfect Tabaxi name. Genasi was the name of the tabaxi dragons which come from the different planets and they consider their own power and remote. The power of the genasi was the most powerful power among all the dragons which have distant realms but the influence felt throughout from the world. Your rogue will become a group favourite if you play to your race’s innate curiosity about new stuff.

They are always searching for experiences that have a significant effect on life. Anything about the Tabaxi race encourages them to name their clan. It can be something like places, exciting landscapes, unique natural wonders, etc.

Sometimes these names contribute to simplified nicknames, added behind each name in brackets. Good name, i love recurring characters that are actually different, like Cid in the final fantasy games. What most people forget is that they also have a family/clan name, specific to where the clan is.

If you want to combine mystery and ability, play a Tabaxi. Loved by all of the children in the clan, who call her “Aunty Honey”. Her desire to leave is strong but the love of the children stops her.

The Twisting Willow Clan suitable for the Tabaxi who live on an island full of twisted willow trees. Tezcatlipoca meaning “smoking mirror”, the Aztec God of the night sky. Nekomata (M/F) , a kind of supernatural cats from Japanese folklore. Meztli (M/F) Nahuatl origin) meaning “moon”, the Aztec God of night. Check out this list of unique Tabaxi names inspired by mythology.

Just made a Tabaxi Rogue named Doubtful Spirit and he goes by Spir . His brother was the hero of the land until he became the death of them all. The rest of Spir’s clan thought of him as an outcast and feared him because of his multiple accounts of murder, when those killings were to save his brother from a gang, who was named Golden Flower and was destined to save them.

One might think that Tabaxi does not fit in a Barbarian class, but some notable Barbarian traits benefit the Tabaxi. It allows a Tabaxi Barbarian to sense danger allowing them to dodge as necessary. It also gives the Tabaxi advantages on Dexterity saving throws against traps and spells. Like the Monk and Ranger class, the Barbarian class also has the Extra Attack trait.