I was stuck in survival mode—never realising that I had the power to change things. We all do, so “lean forward” and reach out for the things that matter. A decade later, this memory makes me laugh.

Yes, of course, take big leaps of faith if you can! But if you can’t, think outside the box and create everyday magic. Opportunities are everywhere if we look for them. When I was in my early twenties, I lost my father and younger brother within six months of each other. It was a powerful reminder that life is short.

To reach your goals in life, it is important to take risks, love without condition, and keep your goals in mind. I don’t think you need to completely accept yourself or know what your purpose in life is in order to live with more intent. The intent to live with greater awareness and meaning is what helps you to better know your purpose and more fully accept yourself. Take everything you have learnt in the process and apply it to your daily life as a priority. As they say ‘starve your distractions, feed your focus’.

Intentional living is all about making choices that align with your values and goals. As you work these things into your daily living, you will discover even more opportunities to pause and make positive, fully-consious choices as you Build Your Best Life. 31 famous quotes and sayings about Being Intentional you must read.

It sounds wonderful and simple in theory, but of course there are barriers that need to be overcome – mainly our own thoughts. To “be intentional” means to do things with intention, not inadvertently, by habit or unconscious drift. “The greatest leaders mobilize others by coalescing people around a shared vision.”

It is to connect with yourself, your values, and your desires, and to live from that deeply felt connection. Our bodies need the deep rest that empowers us to live intentionally — aware, awake — in the first place. Simply put, NOT being intentional harry hermione soul bond fanfiction means giving up on our purpose and hopes of building the life we WANT to live. The following quotes drive that point home quite well. The thing is, intentional living isn’t always about working every single second toward just one goal.